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I had suffered with issues for most of my life, childhood and adult. I guess these issues would be categorised at it’s worst as depression, and for the majority of the time, a deep seated dissatisfaction, the reasons for which I could not explain. I also had a few physical ailments, but nothing too serious. I had done the traditional medical route of intermittent anti depressants but the relief was always short term, and in between taking them, the deep feelings of dissatisfaction remained. I decided to try homeopathy for several reasons.

I liked the idea of a more natural approach – I knew very little about it but I just had a strong instinct that I wanted to try it. The idea of the body being stimulated to help heal itself really appealed. When I went to see Kathryn, I really had very little idea of what to expect. For my initial consultation, we spoke in depth for over two hours about my whole life. I only spoke about what I was comfortable with and Kathryn was great at putting me at ease. Before long I found myself ‘pouring out’ to her which in itself was quite a relief. From this information, Kathryn chose a suitable remedy for me to take.

I am a pretty open minded person, but really wasn’t sure how a remedy could help the issues I had. The next few weeks surprised me. Emotionally I felt better than I had done in years. I just felt lighter, less anxious and more content than I had done for a long time. Physically I didn’t feel great, but that was to be expected and a good thing. I learned that in stimulating the body to heal itself, it can also go through a ‘healing crisis’ whereby old injuries or conditions can temporarily re emerge. I was fine with this as to me it signalled that things were working and to be honest, my mind was better than ever, so I was happy!

Kathryn was always available to answer any questions / concerns that I had. We then, around a month later, had a shorter follow up meet where we discussed my experiences and looked at how we would proceed. All in, I have found this an extremely valuable experience, and am grateful for the help Kathryn has given me. I am certainly on the right road finally.



I decided to make an appointment with Kathryn after she was recommended to me by a friend. At that time I was struggling to control my allergic asthma during the spring & summer and as a result had been put on stronger steroid inhalers than normal. Soon after, I suffered a chest infection which was a very debilitating & frustrating time especially as a keen runner.

As well as this I was also suffering with IBS and low mood due to PMT which doctors didn’t seem interested in or able to treat so I thought I had nothing to lose by visiting Kathryn.

I’m so glad I did!

After my first appointment I soon noticed an big improvement in my IBS & general happiness and subsequent appointments & different remedies have resulted in me now not having to take any inhalers at all! I am now so much happier emotionally & physically.

I am truly amazed at my own progress & would wholeheartedly recommend Kathryn to anyone (and I frequently do)

Kathryn is so genuine, thoroughly knowledgeable & easy to talk to that homeopathy will always be my first choice of treatment.



I’d never tried homeopathy before and when I me Kathryn I was curious to find out how it might help me. I went along not quite knowing what to expect.

Kathryn is a very supportive and caring practitioner. She leaves no stone unturned in getting to the source of your ailments. She asked me all sorts of questions, some of them seemingly unrelated to my problems. I was going through menopausal and other changes and also mentioned that I was having a lot of pain in one of my hips, as well as a drop in my energy levels.

After just 3 sessions with Kathryn my energy levels had increased and I was delighted to notice my hip feeling stronger and much less painful, it wasn’t uncomfortable in bed at night as it had been and I wasn’t limping so much. An interesting positive side effect too was that my ankles were not swelling so much in the heat (as they usually do in hot weather). Kathryn also tested me for food allergies and that has also helped alleviate certain symptoms.

If you’ve always wondered about homeopathy or have tried various things with no results then I’d recommend you go and see Kathryn.

She passionately believes in helping her clients feel well and has made a big difference to my overall well-being.


I went to see Kathryn when I felt certain negative things in my life were beginning to affect my health and general state of mind. I had no sense of purpose, no direction and the affects this was having on my health were only bringing me down further. In a word I was ‘lost.

With Kathryn’s gentle guidance and the subsequent remedies I have received from her, I now feel on a much clearer path and am no longer affected by the ailments I had been suffering before our appointments.

I would recommend Kathryn to anyone who wanted to seek a road to recovery which does not involve any chemical intervention and as a way to heal and grow from the inside out.


I was taking antihistamines for allergies for more than 20 years.

After a series of homeopathic treatment I am prescription free and not tied to taking medicines every day.


Our 5 year old son Oscar had an awful case of Molluscum and we were told by the doctors it would take up to 2 years to go.

Not so! A consultation with Kathryn and 2 “pills” and within 4 weeks the spots are all but gone! Kathryn was lovely to speak too also she has a wonderful kind and empathetic manner and put our son at ease immediately.

I Would recommend Kathryn to anyone.

Photos of Oscar’s infected area before and after treatment:



Back in April 2013 I decided to make an appointment to see Kathryn as I had been suffering from a very Irritated bladder. I had already had some tests done at the hospital and I was taking quite a lot of medication.

I decided to seek alternative help as all the hospital could offer me was different medication which didn’t really help me.

Going to see Kathryn changed everything for me, I no longer take any medication and feel so much better than I did a year ago.

I would recommend seeing Kathryn; she’s been a real help to me.

Kathryn was always available to answer any questions; I’m so glad I decided to go and see Kathryn as I’m medicine free and feel so much better.


Back in September 2011 I decided to visit Kathryn, I had heard so many fantastic things about homeopathy from friends I wanted to find out more and see if it could work for me. Basically I had being having various women’s troubles on and off for over a year, I’d visited the Doctor, had blood tests and told all was fine.

So I decided to go along to see Kathryn and find out how she may be able to help, I didnt know what to expect from my first appointment but I found it very calming and as soon as I sat in the chair I was at ease, I felt I could speak open and honestly and in confidence. I found my first appointment very emotional as talked about everything from childhood to now.

I was sent my first remedy a week after my appointment, this was just a small pill I had to place under my tongue before bed one evening. Since taking the remedy I have been back to visit Kathryn twice and at both appointments I have spoken honestly about feeling calm and happier. One of my topics of discussion with Kathryn was having children and I’m now over the moon to say I am pregnant and expecting our first child. I feel so excited and ready for the new challenges that lie ahead.

I will continue to keep in touch with Kathryn throughout my pregnancy. I have also since told friends and family and family about homeopathy and would recommend it to anyone!


I had been suffering from painful period cramps since I was a teenager and although I tried the usual over the counter medicines and prescriptions from the doctor nothing seemed to help and I just accepted it as the way of life and dreaded each month.

I saw Kathryn and the remedy she gave me has definitely helped with the cramps and pain.

I also told her about my migraines and again she has helped me with those too.

I would recommend Kathryn to anyone.

Kathryn Walker - PCH

Registered Homeopath
BA Hons Dunelm; DSH; RS Hom

Originally from the north east I now live in Oxfordshire. I came to Homeopathy after a career in business and receiving successful homeopathic treatments for myself and my family.

After graduating from The School of Homeopathy, I continued my professional development in post graduate study with Jeremy Sherr on his 'Dynamis' Advanced Training for homeopaths course.

I regularly participate in other ongoing and continued professional development and training and work within the code of practice and ethical principles of The Society of Homeopaths.

I am on a voluntary register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

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