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I’d never tried homeopathy before and when I me Kathryn I was curious to find out how it might help me.  I went along not quite knowing what to expect.

Kathryn is a very supportive and caring practitioner.   She leaves no stone unturned in getting to the source of your ailments.    She asked me all sorts of questions, some of them seemingly unrelated to my problems.  I was going through menopausal and other changes and also mentioned that I was having a lot of pain in one of my hips, as well as a drop in my energy levels.

After just 3 sessions with Kathryn my energy levels had increased and I was delighted to notice my hip feeling stronger and much less painful, it wasn’t uncomfortable in bed at night as it had been and I wasn’t limping so much.   An interesting positive side effect too was that my ankles were not swelling so much in the heat (as they usually do in hot weather).  Kathryn also tested me for food allergies and that has also helped alleviate certain symptoms.

If you’ve always wondered about homeopathy or have tried various things with no results then I’d recommend you go and see Kathryn.

She passionately believes in helping her clients feel well and has made a big difference to my overall well-being.