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I had suffered with issues for most of my life, childhood and adult. I guess these issues would be categorised at it's worst as depression, and for the majority of the time, a deep seated dissatisfaction, the reasons for which I could not explain.  I also had a few physical ailments, but nothing too serious.  I had done the traditional medical route of intermittent anti depressants but the relief was always short term, and in between taking them, the deep feelings of dissatisfaction remained. I decided to try homeopathy for several reasons.

I liked the idea of a more natural approach - I knew very little about it but I just had a strong instinct that I wanted to try it.  The idea of the body being stimulated to help heal itself really appealed.  When I went to see Kathryn, I really had very little idea of what to expect.  For my initial consultation, we spoke in depth for over two hours about my whole life.  I only spoke about what I was comfortable with and Kathryn was great at putting me at ease.  Before long I found myself 'pouring out' to her which in itself was quite a relief. From this information, Kathryn chose a suitable remedy for me to take.

I am a pretty open minded person, but really wasn't sure how a remedy could help the issues I had.  The next few weeks surprised me.  Emotionally I felt better than I had done in years.  I just felt lighter, less anxious and more content than I had done for a long time.  Physically I didn't feel great, but that was to be expected and a good thing.  I learned that in stimulating the body to heal itself, it can also go through a 'healing crisis' whereby old injuries or conditions can temporarily re emerge.  I was fine with this as to me it signalled that things were working and to be honest, my mind was better than ever, so I was happy!

Kathryn was always available to answer any questions / concerns that I had.  We then, around a month later, had a shorter follow up meet where we discussed my experiences and looked at how we would proceed. All in, I have found this an extremely valuable experience, and am grateful for the help Kathryn has given me.  I am certainly on the right road finally.